Cheday is the mobile application for charity which enables everyone to get involved. An easy way to make a bigger difference and improve lives is always at your fingertips.

We do believe that people want to change the world for the better and contribute to a good cause but for lack of time, limited physical resources along with a busy schedule they cannot help regularly. In search of a simple and easy tool to give to charity we discovered many useful mobile applications. However, among them there was none that allows to combine both activities: to donate to a charitable foundation and find a volunteer opportunity. That is the reason that prompted us to create a mobile application which allows everyone to choose the best way to help.

We provide a simple and easy tool for everyone who believes in a high mission to serve their community. We convert a desire to help into good actions and significant results. We see it is essential to create an enabling environment for people to contribute their time and money for a good cause which matters to them. Our primary goal is to bring together all who like to help with those who need this support the most. We do our best to deliver every donated cent to the charity and to unite activists, event organizers and volunteers in one game-changing community.

We use mobile technologies to change the attitude to the giving. We’d like to demonstrate that to do good is easy and rewarding. Our application acts as an assistant to connect those who are ready to give with those in need. We want this application to become an integral part in life of socially responsible people. We give the answer to everyone who wants to help but does not know how. Good can and must be done – continually, regularly, daily. Our application is the tool for good actions which is always at your fingertips, in your smartphone.

To donate you choose the amount and regularity of payment, decide which country and foundation to support. The app makes it possible to raise huge amounts by small regular donations. If you are interested in serving your community in person, there are several ways to find volunteering opportunities near your neighborhood. You can search events to look for your cause interests and take opportunities published by organizers. Additionally, you can fill out an application form and receive personal invitations that match indicated interests and skills. We enable event organizers to find volunteers for their events and invite them to participate. An organizer is able to publish photo and video reports and share remarkable impacts of the events with other users.

In the catalogue you can find registered charitable foundations that care for people, provide animal and environmental protection. Transparency and reliability of these foundations are verified by international non-profit organizations and proved by a long-standing commitment to the cause and nationally recognized accomplishments in the field.

There are two ways for you to take part in a charity event. Firstly, you should fill out an application form in a profile. The next step is to select the category of the event (a cause of your interest), type of the activity and time most available to you. After that a volunteer will receive invitations for an event, matching the specified parameters. Also a volunteer can find an appropriate event in the catalogue or select one on the interactive map.

A user can organize an event by simply filling out a small form. In the form an organizer describes the idea of the event and enumerates volunteer opportunities necessary to carry it out. To engage more participants, the organizer can send an invitation to friends from social networks and Cheday community. Then the system automatically selects volunteers according to the information in their profile and sends them out personal invitations.

Low transaction fees

There is a vast variety of mobile applications for giving to charities that you can find on the App Store or Google Play. But those apps cannot be considered socially oriented because of high administrative costs they deduct from donations paid services and high fees they charge charitable foundations catalogue to join the app. Our idea is to create a non-profit project which covers transaction fees and ensures that donations go directly to charities, not to third-party non-profits. To let you keep more of your donations we‘ve come up with a range of options to cover fees which inevitably occur while processing online payments. Firstly, we use the payment system PayPal with the lowest credit card transaction fees for nonprofit organizations. We also attract philanthropists and patrons to support our project. Moreover, we consider the possibility of placing the advertisements in the app – we put all our efforts to save every donated cent for a cause you care about.


We partner with internationally recognized organizations such as UNICEF, the Red Cross, WWF, Greenpeace and others. They verify the credibility and acknowledge reliability of charitable foundations in the catalogue.

Global coverage

The app is available to people around the globe. You are able to choose a charity and send your help all over the world.


We provide a full account of where donors’ contributions go and how they have been put to action.


We make it possible to explore causes where your participation is most needed. You will receive notifications about events near your neighborhood directly to your account. Take a glance at your newsfeed and go ahead to join high-impact change actions in your community.

Team of game-changers

Everyone can try out a role of an event organizer by connecting people who are committed do-gooders. We help like-minded activists united around a common cause build a dedicated team and game-changing community inside the app. We give effective tools to go through necessary planning and preparation processes to carry out an event in reality using only your smartphone. To draw maximum attention to your event and charge up new participants you can post inspiring photos and videos.

Meet our team

Kirill Birzhakov

Kirill Birzhakov

Ekaterina Levaya

Ekaterina Levaya

Project Manager
Anna Yurchuk

Anna Yurchuk

Press Secretary
Andrey Krukovsky

Andrey Krukovsky

Lead Developer
Yulia Sipovich

Yulia Sipovich

UI/UX designer