People help and what have I done?

Cheday gives the opportunity to:


Everyone can make a bigger difference by taking actions. To volunteer you can apply your professional skills as well as try your hand at a new area. Volunteering is exciting experience and the opportunity by active steps to change the world for the better. With Cheday it is easy to stay up-to-date about where and when your help is mostly needed. All you need to do is to select:

  • what category fits your interest most?
  • what would you like to do?
  • how long do you have?

Each event contains a short description, the profile of the organizer and other participants.
You can search events near your neighborhood and choose to volunteer for most relevant to you.

Tap the gif to watch how it operates:

Cheday unites people who are ready to make the world a better place. Active and initiative participants will find all they need to communicate their causes to the public, call to action, bring community together for social changes. Everyone can organize an event, for this they only need to describe their idea, specify the date and place, indicate the volunteer activities. Invitations to events will be sent to volunteers who selected the appropriate category and type of activity.

Your friends and other Cheday users will see the events on the home screen in the newsfeed “Events near you”. You can share the event on social media with a simple tap.

Through Cheday organizers receive a list of volunteers who confirmed their participation. It is easy to contact the members on the list and start putting your ideas into effective actions.

In the app you are able to share remarkable impacts of the event. To do this you may upload photo and video reports.

It is simpler for the participants of the past events to connect again and attend to new causes. By starting a new event, organizers can send out personal invitations to new as well as already experienced team members.

Here’s the illustration of how to create an event:

There is an opportunity to donate to charities. Cheday brings together trustworthy nonprofit foundations. They focus on three causes:

  • people
  • animals
  • environment.

You can choose to support foundations all over the world with the causes that matter most to you.
To do this you should set up automatic regular donations from your bank card. We use an open and transparent payment system with the lowest processing fee rate. This enables people who care about common good to make a deep contribution in tackling world issues. Small donations accumulate and reach considerable amounts after a while.

Cheday provides an additional bonus to active participants. You can set up a goal to donate particular amount. After you have achieved it, Cheday will send a present to care homes and health facilities for children on your behalf.

Photos from the ceremony of giving the presents tagged with a particular hashtag will enrich the collection of good actions and show how many people who care live on the planet.

How to donate: